One thing that you may wonder when you see our family is if it’s possible to have a lot of kids and still give each of them the love and attention that they need.


The answer is YES!

Before I had multiple children, I couldn’t have imagined how it would be possible to have more and more love to give. And somehow, when your love is multiplied, your time is, as well. I have never known anything in my life like the love in our family, and the joy that it is to give time and effort into helping our kids become who they want to be.

If you wonder if our kids are happy, well-adjusted, or content, you need only to watch some of our family videos or look at our photos.

A little bit about each child:

“A” dreams of becoming a violinist and a chef. She has recently discovered that she loves Shakespearean sonnets. She is an amazing programmer.

“E” is a writer and an artist. Everything she experiences is food for her next story or makes its way into her art. She loves to create computer games for her younger sisters.

“M” is gentle and kind, an avid reader and an incredible artist, as well. She has an amazing imagination and works very hard at the piano. She is a very gifted child and a hard worker.

“E” is our animal lover. She talks to our big dog all day long, and when she is outside, she calls to birds and they answer. She can call birds to her hand, even without birdseed! She can sit down at the piano and play almost anything.

“M” has been driven to read since she was very young. She loves reading whatever she can get her hands on, and she loves to take care of her littlest sister.

“E” is our little angel. She is hilarious and dreams of being a dancer, like most little girls do. We can’t wait to see what else she falls in love with.

One of our favorite things to do together is hike. The girls have climbed many mountains together, and the experience has been all the sweeter each time for doing it together.

Life is better together!!