Living in the mountains means that life is amazing, but it also means that winter is deep and long. Learning to find joy in winter has brought us a lot of happiness. We never feel stuck and depressed when we’re out snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, and enjoying the snow. Winter has taught us a lot, and we’ve learned that life is a lot like that…there are periods of life that are much harder than others. They are cold and dark and seemingly go on forever. But, when we try to see the beauty in them and gather the best experiences we can during that time, the winters of our lives can, in the end, be some of the most blessed times.


Waiting for our little one is kind of a winter in our lives. The wait is long and hard. As we think of our beautiful birthmom, we can’t help but think that this time of decision is probably like a winter for her, too. I hope that we can help each other make this winter a season of joy and growth for both of us!