We are blessed with the unique perspective of having six children already who have gently helped us to become better parents every day.


Childhood is a sacred time, one that should be taken seriously.  Childhood should be gentle and kind and immersed in love.  We decided before we were ever married that we would never use physical punishment with our kids.  We have worked every day to have a gentle, kind home, and it has worked out so well.  Our time is first and foremost for family, and valuing each other in this way from day one has brought us very close.  Everyone in our family has a voice and dreams, and we do everything we can to make those dreams become reality.

Our oldest is 13 and our youngest is 4.  Our sweet girls are all unique and have given us an amazing array of experience and joy as parents.  Each child has brought more joy, kindness, and selflessness to our home, and we can’t wait to add to that.