The eclipse was last week, and it was absolutely life-changing. I’ve found that every experience takes on a different meaning when you are trying to adopt. You miss the one that isn’t there. You ache to share the sweet things in the world.

Our home would have experienced 99.5% of the eclipse. We would have seen almost everything.  We would have felt the air go cool, seen the birds flying to their nests, viewed the 360 degree “sunset,” but we would have missed 0.5% of the experience, and in that 0.5% was ALL the difference.  In that remaining 0.5% was totality, and that totality was everything.  We braved the traffic and we drove for a great deal of time, just so that we wouldn’t miss totality.

We are a large family already.  We know this.  But we know that, though we are an incredible group, we aren’t quite at totality.  And in that last little piece is everything.